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RDL Offers Advanced Laser Cutting and Welding Technologies

Laser technologies for cutting and welding parts have been steadily refined since the laser was invented some 60 years ago. Advances in laser power have improved cutting speeds and edge quality have opened more avenues for use of the laser technology. Today, laser technology is easily used to quickly cut 2-D or 3-D sheet metal […]

TIG Welding

RDL Metal uses the following series of TIG torches: Lincoln 375, Lincoln 185 and the Miller 110 Volt (bag) that provides improved quality for challenging applications. Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, also known as gas tungsten arc welding (GTA welding or GTAW), is often used in aircraft applications. TIG welding provides a clean, strong weld joint that makes it ideal for assembling […]

Aluminum Welding

The welding of aluminum is a special skill, and the material is far more difficult to work with than steel. Aluminium use is on the general rise in two industries – automotive and construction. While almost every type of carbon steel can be arc welded, the same can’t be said of aluminum. The difference between steel and […]

How to Avoid Respiratory Hazards in Welding

The area surrounding a welder is usually subjected to intense light, heat, smoke, sparks, and fumes. Permanent booths or portable partitions can be used to contain light rays in one area. The heat and sparks given off are capable of setting flammable materials on fire. Therefore, welding should not be done in areas containing flammable […]

Suitable Clothing for Welding

The process of arc welding introduces several potential hazards that must be guarded against. To ensure the safe operation of welding equipment and welding processes, the following safety guidelines should be applied.   Welding Clothing Guidelines: Gloves and clothing should be flame-resistant. Clothing made from a dark-colored, tightly woven material is best suited for welding. […]

Sheet Metal Shears

RDL sheet metal shears can cut through a variety of sheet metal and are ideal for all metal processing industries. Shearing is a fast process because shear blades don’t have to cut through the material’s thickness. Rather, the blades penetrate only slightly into the material, causing a slip plane to develop that severs the material. […]

Boom Lift Safety

Boom lifts are elevating platforms that can be raised or lowered to various heights. These lifts are increasingly being used in various industries due to their mobility and ability to safely lift workers to perform tasks at difficult to reach and high elevations. The specific characteristics of a field site and nature of work that […]

Sheet Metal Repair

 A key factor in sheet metal proficiency is damage evaluation. This involves a visual inspection. Key to successful damage evaluation is not only being able to note the obvious defect such as that gaping hole in the wing or the dent on the side of the fuselage, but being able to evaluate any hidden damage. […]

Welding Safety

The process of arc welding introduces several potential hazards that must be guarded against. Because of this, all information relating to the safe operation of welding equipment and welding processes must be fully understood before attempting to begin work. Always read and follow the safety information in the operator’s manual or contact the manufacturer when […]

Pulsed MIG Welding

MIG welding (Metal Inert Gas, also known as wire welding) offers a number of benefits. First, it provides higher productivity efficiency over stick welding since the wire is fed in a continuous process and you don’t have to constantly change stick electrode rods as you are welding. Second, wire welding has a lower skill level […]

Metrology (Measurement of Physical Characteristics)

Metrology is the science of measurement. It involves the accurate calibration of electrical and physical equipment – a critical aspect of product manufacturing. The aim of metrological testing is to determine the characteristics (attributes) of a given object and express them by qualitative and quantitative means. Industrial metrology ensures the adequate functioning of measurement instruments […]

Hardness Testing

Hardness testing is one of the most common quality control check performed. It is relied upon to determine the success or failure of a particular heat-treatment operation or to understand the material’s current condition. Hardness is simply the measure of the resistance of a material to a force applied by a hardness tester. It involves […]

Magnetic Particle Inspection of Metallic Components

Non-destructive testing is any technique used to inspect the integrity of a manufactured item without diminishing its usefulness. Magnetic particle inspection (MPI) is one type of non-destructive testing that uses electromagnetism in the inspection procedure. MPI testing has been particularly important in the manufacture of high-speed, high-pressure rotating equipment such as gas turbine engines. Industries […]

Non-Destructive Weld Tests

A weld test specimen contains weld or heat affected zones in which properties are different from those of the parent metal that has not been exposed to the weld. To test the strength of the weld and whether it has any possible defects, RDL will carry several tests. RDL non-destructive tests assess the structural or […]

Welcome to the New RDL Metal Website

As part of our ongoing dedication to uphold the highest standards of customer service in the machining, welding and metal building industry, we have invested in a brand new website to better reflect our expertise, our services and our mission. The site’s modern, streamlined design reflects our commitment to efficiency and clarity in all of […]

RDL Metal Manufactures High-end Recycling Bins and Containers

Whether we are providing sheet metal cutting, machining or metal structure construction, RDL Metal is committed to operating in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner. The Urban Project department at RDL manufactures sleek and modern outdoor bins that combine functionality and flexibility to create exceptional recycling containers. Our top notch quality recycling bins present a […]

Wind Turbine Maintenance & Retrofitting

At RDL Metal, we carry out a wide range of retrofitting methods in order to achieve enhanced productivity and to extend the operational lifespan of wind turbines. It is more economical for wind farmers in this fledgling economy to opt for component upgrades rather than having to purchase entire new wind turbines. Typical turbine components […]

Machining and Welding Assemblies for Oil Sands Extraction

At RDL Metal, we are experts in integrated welding processes and automation/machining technologies that are used in oil sand extraction projects. Our team of engineers work to validate existing oil extraction technologies in order to improve the operational productivity and reliability of oil plants in the long run. RDL professionals will carry out thorough maintenance, […]

RDL Production of Sheet Metal Parts

At RDL Metal, our modern Computer Aided Design (CAD) system has automated the time consuming design process of sheet metal production to a large extent. Typically, sheet metal parts are produced by a number of 2D and 3D operations. Material is an important cost component; optimization of the production process is always driven by the […]

RDL Metal – Spot Welding

Spot welding is the most widely used joining technique for the assembly of sheet metal products such as automotive body assemblies, appliances, furniture, metal containers and building products. The attachment of braces, brackets, pads, or clips to formed sheet-metal parts such as cases, covers, bases, or trays is another common application of spot welding. Spot welding is a process in which […]

Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)

The Gas Metal Arc Welding Process (GMAW) is a multi-energy process involving different factors of heat flow, fluid flow, and heat and metal transfer. It is used frequently in industrial applications due to its versatility and the specific advantages it offers. The GMAW process can be used to join virtually any metal using many joint […]

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